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Bilal Enterprises

Dentsply Sirona-TruNatomy File System

Rs.15,200.00 Rs.20,200.00

The new TruNatomy™ solution offers:

• Smooth feeling during preparation

• Improved performance and efficacy

• More space for debridement and debris removal

• Respect of the natural tooth anatomy

• Preserve tooth structure

The efficacy of root canal preparation is significantly enhanced when an effective, reproduceable glide path is created. For that, the TruNatomy™ system features a dedicated glide path instrument.

TruNatomy™ Shaping Files are available in three different sizes and lengths to treat a wide range of cases. While the TruNatomy™ Prime shaping file is appropriate for most cases, two additional shaping files, the TruNatomy™ Small and the TruNatomy™ Medium, are available to address both smaller and larger canals. The clinician will experience a fluid transition between the TruNatomy™ Shaping Files.

All three shaping files offer a slim shape combined with a unique cross-section for better performance while providing more

space for superior debris debridement.

• Slim NiTi wire design: 0.8mm maximum flute diameter (MFD) instead of up to 1.2mm for most generic variable tapered files

• Off-centered cross-section

• Operates at a higher speed with less torque

Dentsply Sirona-TruNatomy File System

Rs.15,200.00 Rs.20,200.00