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President Dental - Stark Bulk Fill Composite

Rs.7,000.00 Rs.7,300.00
STARK is a light-curing flowable composite with high viscosity and great stability, applied by bulk filling technique for the creation of class I and class II restorations in the posterior tooth. Due to the particularly high polymerization depth, the material can be applied and polymerized directly in layers up to 4 mm thick, Thus saving the user a lot of time when filling deep cavities.


✓ Fillings with a layer thickness of up to 4 mm in Class I and II cavities
✓ Bulk filling technique
✓ Universal dentin color
✓ 100% Bis-GMA free = 100% biocompatible


✓ 3-point strength (Mpa): 134
✓ Young Modulus (MPa): 11,090
✓ Vickerhardness (MPa): 740
✓ Compression Strength (MPa): 381 

Monomer matrix: Diurethane dimethacrylate, tetramethylene dimethacrylate
Total filler: 77 % by weight (57 % by volume) inorganic filler (0.005 – 40 µm)
Light Intensity for curing: ≥ 1200 mW/cm3
Wavelength for curing: 350- 500 nm
Curing time: 20 sec.

Store at 10 – 25 °C (50 – 77 °F). Avoid direct sunlight. Close syringes tightly immediately after use. Let the material reach room temperature before use. After use, retract the plunger of the syringe slightly to prevent the apertures from becoming blocked. Do not use after the expiry date (refer to label on syringe). For use by dentists only. Keep out of children's reach. This product was developed specifically for the described range of application. 
It must only be used according to the above instructions. The manufacturer will not be held liable for damages caused by incorrect handling or incorrect processing of the material.

President Dental - Stark Bulk Fill Composite

Rs.7,000.00 Rs.7,300.00