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Bilal Enterprises

Dentsply Sirona - Calibra Universal

Rs.35,000.00 Rs.37,000.00

Calibra Universal Self-Adhesive Resin Cement is a two-component, dual-cure, high strength self-adhesive cement which contains fluoride.

Calibra Universal Cement combines esthetic shading with a self-etching adhesive, making it suitable for the permanent cementation of metal, PFM, resin/composite, ceramic and porcelain inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges and endodontic posts without application of a separate dentin/enamel adhesive bonding agent/system.

With its wide tack-cure window of up to 10 seconds and an extended 45-second gel-phase, Calibra Universal cement ensures an easy, stress-free cleanup for all CEREC Zirconia+ and glass ceramic restorations.

The high radiopacity of Calibra Universal can aid in providing a clear view of the material within the crown. This helps avoid a misdiagnosis of gaps or voids, which can lead to costly remakes. 

    Dentsply Sirona - Calibra Universal

    Rs.35,000.00 Rs.37,000.00